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ecoMill 600 V

Revolutionary ecoMill V model series with the new DMG MORI SLIMline® multi-touch control and the highest material removal rate and accuracy of 6 μm in its class. The highlight of the latest ecoMill V series is the completely revised New Design, by means of which DMG MORI has improved working ergonomics and achieved a high degree of value stability. The new DMG MORI SLIMline® multi-touch control with Operate on SIEMENS and 3D control technology represents the next step for a modern user interface and is compatible with the previous version of Operate.

Listprice: 177,820. CAD

CMTS Special Promotional Price: 153,600. CAD

ecoMill 635 V

The ecoMill V Series is based on a C-frame with a cast iron bed for exceptional stability. To meet the most challenging production requirements, high-quality ball screws are combined with linear roller guides and a 12,000 rpm. spindle. Economical power consumption and energy recovery features also ensure maximum efficiency. The ecoMill 635 V includes the advanced SLIMline® panel with the Operate 4.5 platform on a SIEMENS 840D solutionline control.

Listprice: 179,560. CAD

CMTS Special Promotional Price: 111,630. CAD


With the MILLTAP 700, DMG MORI has created the standard for highly productive compact machining centres. Developed for demanding machining processes involving small to medium-sized components, the MILLTAP 700 stands out due to its reliable performance in series production - from the individual machine to fully automated production. In doing so, this highly productive compact machining centre seamlessly integrates itself into the successful DMG MORI product portfolio: innovative quality for efficient machining performance featuring the best control technology with Operate 4.5 on SIEMENS 840D solutionline.

Listprice: 296,160. CAD

CMTS Special Promotional Price: 234,100. CAD

NTX 2000/1500 SZM

The NTX 2000 is an all-round machine for machining workpieces with increasingly complex geometries in fields including aviation, medical equipment, automotive, die & mold, and precision instruments, efficiently and to high levels of accuracy. The NTX 2000 is capable of handling an extensive range of machining - from micro-fine machining to machining of large workpieces, with its high machining performance resulting from integration of a turning centre and a machining centre. Efficient process integration across the range from high-mix, low-volume part production to mass production brings great benefits to customers. The NTX2000/1500 SZM features the CELOS - ERGOline Touch control.

Listprice: 812,040. CAD

CMTS Special Promotional Price: 520,000. CAD

* Installation and Training included.  FOB:  Mississauga, ON
* Offers are valid untill 31 October 2017.  Subject to prior sale.

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