LASERTEC 210 Shape

LASERTEC 400 Shape

The fastest 5-axis laser texturing machine for XXL 3D-molds

Max. X-Axis
4,000 mm
Max. Y-Axis
2,000 mm
Max. Z-Axis
1,200 mm
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LASERTEC 400 Shape

Latest laser technology for the best possible machining performance

  • Fiber laser with 100 W (1.000 kHz) in swivel rotary laser head with 235° swivel range allows undercuts 
  • Fast Scan Mode for similar texturing quality also at high scanning speeds
  • High speed Z-Shifter for shorter cycle times with scanning speed up to 5 m/s (theoretically 30m/s on surface)

Laser texturing of XXL 3D-moulds

  • Textures with technical behaviour: Scratch resistance, hydrophobic behaviours, different gloss levels
  • Excellent contour sharpness as well as best possible reproducability due to laser ablation
  • Surface structers without environmentally harmful etching

Dynamic Gantry design machine for the machining of large workpieces

  • Workpieces up to 3.350 × 1.350 × 1.000 mm and up to 20.000 kg workpiece weight
  • Thermosymmetrical Gantry design with extensive cooling measurements for highest precision and long-term stability
  • Best accessability and crane loading from the top

The integrated, digital process chain: From the idea – to the  texture – to the finished structured plastic injection mould.

  • Cross-process LASERSOFT 3D texture: from the greyscale bitmap to the finished textured component
  • Unlimited possibilities when designing individual structures due to transition-free "patching" even of large exposed surfaces
Application Examples
Control & Software
CELOS and Industry 4.0 by DMG MORI


Integrated digitization of the DMG MORI machines & the shop floor:

  • CELOS Machine: APP-based user interface with access to all production-related information
  • CELOS Manufacturing: 27 CELOS APPs for the optimal preparation & processing of orders
  • Digital Factory: Continuous digital workflows from planning to production & service
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Max. workpiece diameter
1,350 mm
Max. workpiece height
1,000 mm
Max. workpiece weight
20,000 kg
Work Area
Max. X-Axis
4,000 mm
Max. Y-Axis
2,000 mm
Max. Z-Axis
1,200 mm
Use case
Laser ablation / texturing