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NZX 2500

Multi axis turning center
BMT® Built-in Motor Turret

Improved milling power
Improved milling accuracy
Controls the turret’s heat and vibration

ORC® Octagonal Ram Construction

Superior damping characteristics
Controls thermal displacement
Allows high-speed, high-precision feed


The NZX 2500 multi-axis turning center offering highly efficient 4-axis control and capable of high productivity machining of shaft and flange workpieces has evolved a further step by incorporating the CELOS user interface. The ergonomic new design covers allow the machine to scope flexibility with all conceivable machine operating scenarios. The machine’s exceptional machining capabilities and accuracy, occupied with the functionality resulting from newly systematized operation menus, boost efficiency increases at production sites.

Highlights NZX 2500

  • BMT (Built-in Motor Turret) and ORC-Technology (Octagonal Ram Construction) are used
  • You can choose Y-axis function
  • Max Spindle speed 4.000 min-1 (through-spindle hole diameter 91mm)
  • Rapid traverse rate (X/Y/Z):30/20/50 m/min
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