Flexible robot modular system for increased productivity

CMX 1100 V with MATRIS
CMX 1100 V with MATRIS


  • Handling of workpieces up to ø 150 mm, a length of 120 mm and a weight up to 20 kg
  • Combinable with various kinds of standardized automatic peripheral equipment (i. e. washing, measuring marking etc.)
  • Grippers available by flexible design
  • Enable to start mass production quickly by patternization of robot program and teaching
  • Easy maintenance and operations due to modular setup and MAPPS connected
  • Loading of oversized tooling in case of vertical machining center

CMX 1100 V with MATRIS

Technical data

Maximum workpiece weight (kg)

Maximum workpiece size (mm)


Maximum number of stations (pallets)


1 x 20




MATRIS is available for: NLX 1500, NLX 2000, NLX 2500, NZX 1500, NZX 2000, CMX V product line, NVX 5060, NVX 5080, NVX 5100, NHX 4000, NHX 5000 2nd Generation, NHX 5500

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